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Manna Masters Program

The Manna Masters Program continues the Manna Seminary philosophy of staying Bible Based but zeros in on the minister and his ministry. All of the courses are 3 hours credit, and for a limited time, cost only $46.00 per course. If you have a bachelors diploma or the equivalent you may enroll in this program for credit toward the masters diploma. If you do not have a bachelors diploma or equivalent, you may still take any courses you desire without credit and get credit when the bachelors requirement is completed. You must start with the Orientation course and end with the Graduation course (It is also a 3 hour course.). In between those two courses you may take the other courses in any order, depending on availability (we update all courses periodically). Also, you must either choose to write a Thesis (right before taking the Graduation course) or take two (2) Elective courses in its place. Click the down arrow by each course to see the course description.

Begin the Masters Program today.

If this is the program you have chosen, click the “Register” button below.
The whole program cost is under $900.00 to get your diploma.
If you prefer another program, explore those programs further below. 

Manna Associates

Many ministerial students who went to various Bible schools were never exposed to all 66 books of the Bible. The Bible is the emphasis of the Manna Associates program, as well as the introduction to the preaching and teaching ministry.

Manna Bachelors

The Bachelors program continues surveying the Bible, emphasizing several key books and characters in the Bible. It extends out to personal Christianity and then makes sure of one’s teaching, counseling, and preaching ministry in the church.

Manna Masters

The Masters program emphasizes masterful ministry relating to the church, missions, and discipleship. It goes even deeper into developing the minister himself and his art of teaching, counseling, studying, and preaching from the Word of God.

Manna Doctorate

The Doctorate program emphasizes quality Christian leadership at all levels of the ministry. It takes an in-depth look at the lives of great leaders of the past. It promotes the highest level of ministry in the church with advanced courses in heeding, leading, and feeding the flock.

Course Numbering

100 Associates Courses (All courses are 3 hours credit)
200 Bachelors Courses (All courses are 3 hours credit)
300 Masters Courses (All courses are 3 hours credit)
400 Doctors Courses (All courses are 3 hours credit)
“E” in front of a course number designates it as an Elective Course.

MO Masters Orientation
EV Evangelism
MI Missions
AP Apologetics
AH American History
BI Bible
PL Pastoral Leadership
CE Christian Education
TH Theology
OT Old Testament
NT New Testament
PC Practical Christianity
CS Character Studies
CH Church History
CC Christian Counseling
HO Homiletics
GR Greek
PS  Public Speaking
THE Thesis
DIS Dissertation
CAG Curriculum Analysis and Graduation

It’s All Online

If you have a computer you are ready for Manna Seminary. Everything is online for your convenience.

Course Structure Is Simple
  1. Read your course textbook(s) and answer any questions (Textbooks are free at Manna).
  2. Download and/or read and answer the questions in quizzes or in your interactive workbook and/or self-contained textbook/workbook.
  3. Upload any work and take your final exam online and you are done!

Over 100 years of Higher Education Experience

Let our highly qualified and highly experienced Administrators/Professors lead you and mentor you as you start or finish or refresh your ministerial training for the Christian work you have been called to accomplish, in the city or town in which you are called to live and minister.