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Manna is for…

Manna Seminary

Manna Seminary is a sacred church school offering ministry diplomas where the Bible is the main textbook. If you are going into or are already in the ministry and want to further your education, this might be the school for you.


Anyone can attend. 

Anyone who has a High School diploma or the equivalent is welcome to study at Manna Seminary. If you have been called to the ministry or if you just want a deeper knowledge of God’s Word and Ways, this might be the school for you.


Anytime is a good time.

Anytime is a good time to start your education and now is probably the best time to learn how to accomplish the ministry that God has called you to.  Some schools make you wait until a semester starts but at Manna you can start right now.


Anywhere is a good location.

Anywhere is a good location. Where you live right now is the best location. You do not have to leave your home or your job or your family or your church friends or your present ministry to get your ministry education. 


Anyplace is a good place.

Anyplace is a good place to study. It could be your couch, your dinner table, your home office or church office, your favorite resturaunt, library, picnic table or grassy nature park in God’s beautiful world. Just fire up your laptop.


Start, Continue or Refresh Your Ministry Training.

Maybe you are new to the ministry or maybe your training was interrupted and you have prayed for a way to finish. Your prayers have been answered for an effective but inexpensive means to that end.

  1. Just pick a program below that meets your needs.
  2. Click the “Course List” button for that program.
  3. On the next page click “Register” below the course list.
  4. On the next page fill out the enrollment form.
  5. Then click “Create My New Account,” at the bottom.
  6. Log in and you can then access your program courses.
  7. You should start with the Orientation course.

We will be partnering with a sister institute later to offer a full range of on-campus courses, in addition to our online Seminary. We have Bible Institutes in Ohio and Florida and graduates in most states, as well as several foreign countries.


Manna Associates

Many ministerial students who went to various Bible schools were never exposed to all 66 books of the Bible. The Bible is the emphasis of the Manna Associates program, as well as the introduction to the preaching and teaching ministry.

Manna Bachelors

The Bachelors program continues surveying the Bible, emphasizing several key books and characters in the Bible. It extends out to personal Christianity and then makes sure of one’s teaching, counseling, and preaching ministry in the church.

Manna Masters

The Masters program emphasizes masterful ministry relating to the church, missions, and discipleship. It goes even deeper into developing the minister himself and his art of teaching, counseling, studying, and preaching from the Word of God.

Manna Doctorate

The Doctorate program emphasizes quality Christian leadership at all levels of the ministry. It takes an in-depth look at the lives of great leaders of the past. It promotes the highest level of ministry in the church with advanced courses in heeding, leading, and feeding the flock.

Manna Refresher Programs

We understand, of course, that many ministers already have the degrees that they desire. However, we also understand that many ministers, young and old, would like to refresh their knowledge and/or practical application of certain areas in the ministry. That is what the Manna Refresher Programs are developed to accomplish. Please check out the various programs that we have developed to refresh and re-invigorate your work in the ministry. 

We keep it simple.

Your training at Manna is all Bible and all Ministry.  Why mess up one’s call to the ministry with fluff and filler? We keep it simple but stimulating.

It’s All Online

If you have a computer or handheld device, you are ready for Manna Seminary. Everything is online for your convenience.

Course Structure Is Simple
  1. Read your course textbook(s) and answer any questions (Textbooks are free at Manna).
  2. Download and/or read and answer the questions in quizzes or in your interactive workbook and/or self-contained textbook/workbook.
  3. Upload any work and take your final exam online and you are done!

Over 100 years of Higher Education Experience

Let our highly qualified and highly experienced Administrators/Professors lead you and mentor you as you start or finish or refresh your ministerial training for the Christian work you have been called to accomplish, in the city or town in which you are called to live and minister.